About Paper Blast

Paper Blast is a party company specializing in birthday party banners, invitations, greeting cards and selfie frames. We also sell home decor and canvas wall art. We sell thousands of products and employ over 35 people inside a 12,500 square foot building outside of Chicago.

Paper Blast will decorate over 155,000 parties in 2021.

All of our party decor and prints are created and personalized by very skilled graphic designers in Photoshop and printed on rich glossy photo paper.  Your order is then carefully rolled and placed inside a shipping box and sent to you.  You will receive a tracking number when your order is shipped.

The Future

Paper Blast plans on expanding into retail stores and hundreds of other lines of products in 2021.  Being a highly funded company with great reviews from customers and employees, Paper Blast is on track to become a major retail company in the coming years.

Charity Work

We like to send free stuff for any cause that seems legit. If a photo can be sent that would be helpful but not required.