6 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

In our modern world, we have so many options for personalized baby showers.

The traditional blue or pink baby shower is no longer the expected.

Whether or not you’re expecting a little girl or a little boy, baby showers can be planned ahead with plenty of time with a gender neutral theme in mind.

Paper Blast’s banners, invitations and selfie frames–which are designed to work with a lot of different themes–will help pull off the baby shower off of your dreams.


It’s time to rethink the traditional blue or pink. The overdone colors are too suggestive of gender.

Work with a black and gold theme or a black and white striped theme to stay modern and simple. The combination of two chic colors, can bring your baby shower to another level.

Additionally, another popular color scheme is Paper Blast’s comic/superhero theme. Superheros are beloved by both genders. The iconic grainy comic strip style will keep your baby shower interesting.

Along with the alluding Paper Blast’s comic book invitations, decorate the space with actual comic books or the theme’s banners.


Nostalgia for the good ole days at the county fair will hit guests hard as they enter the carnival/circus themed baby shower. Childhood memories of cotton candy, the big tent and carnival games will be an exciting reminder of what is to come.

This theme should include plenty of Paper Blast’s banners, fun and bright colors and carnival ride-themed games.

Ready to Pop

Whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, this theme stays true to the end goal–‘Ready to Pop’.

Take this theme a step further with popcorn, balloons and popsicles–all of which are featured on Paper Blast’s decorations and invitations.

A fun way to celebrate your new baby, the ‘Ready to Pop’ theme will leave guests ready to meet your new baby.


Seasons are not gender associated.

Whether you are due in February or October, a season themed baby shower is an on trend way to celebrate your little one.

Paper Blast offers a fall\pumpkin and winter wonderland theme, throw in the selfie frames and it will be hard for your guests to forget about your baby shower.

Whatever the season, it would be easy to include treats and holiday-themed decorations. If your baby is due in December, break out the garland and fruit cake.


Baby animals and actual babies seem to go hand-in-hand.

Paper Blast’s little owl theme, little penguin theme, little monkey theme, little giraffe theme, little elephant theme and woodland creatures theme may inspire future nicknames for your baby.

With the potential animal gifts given by guests, Paper Blast’s animal themes will match guests’ state of mind.

Serve foods related to the animal you choose. If an elephant shower makes sense, have peanuts on hand and combine the party’s decorations with Paper Blast’s carnival banners.


Who doesn’t love food? A party planned around food, will not only make the mom-to-be happy but the guests.

Paper Blast’s cookies and milk theme, or sweets theme will leave guests happy and full.

Planning the shower will be easy with Paper Blast’s banners and plenty of food.

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