5 Cool 21st Birthday Themes

Welcome to the 21 and up club! Initiation includes a cake, hanging out with your closest friends and throwing a memorable birthday party.

Unforgettable parties tend to include a theme–whether that theme is your age, or anything else imaginable. Hopefully, for those who haven’t chosen a theme yet, there will be inspiration below.

Paper Blast’s banners, invitations, selfie frames and other themed decorations can help mark the significant day.

Enjoy your birthday with all the works including an extraordinary themed party.

Finally Legal

You’re finally 21, why not celebrate your birthday with a classic finally legal theme?

Let your theme do the talking.

Paper Blast drinks themed banners and invitations will get straight to the point of your 21st birthday.

For a more substantial finally legal theme add some Paper Blast toga or casino night banners or selfie frames.

All finally legal, and similar themes, are easy to create with minimal decorations.


Go hippie with a feathers themed 21st birthday.

Feathers say young, wild, free and finally an adult.

Use Paper Blast’s feather banners to subtly decorate an awesome 21st birthday.

Guests will be encouraged to wear their most ’60s look to your party–which may include feathers in the hair.


The appeal of international cities and skylines can definitely work with a 21st birthday party.

Depicted in movies as an ideal party landscape, a city themed space might make the best venue for a 21st birthday party.

Dependent on the city chosen–LondonParis or New York–themed treats and alcohol can dress up your party. If it’s a Parisian affair, serve macaroons and wine. If a New York afternoon is planned, serve a slice of New York pizza and a Manhattan.

Social media-styled selfie frames should be abundant at the party of the year.


“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”

Spend your 21st birthday watching some of your favorite movies with some of your favorite people.

A Paper Blast movie themed banner, popcorn and drinks to match will dress up your party.

A Great Gatsby party could offer martinis, boas and flapper style costumes.

Customize It

Although there are plenty of 21st birthday options to choose from, customizing your 21st decorations is always an option.

You only turn 21 once, might as well make it as personalized as possible.

Along with Paper Blast’s personalized decorations, you can keep it simple with color-themed decorations.

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